Family Gatherings

2008 Tasmania


The Fifth World Family Gathering
New Norfolk, Tasmania, 2008

(Organised by Jacky Whitehead, with the obedient efficiency of Michael Whitehead)

Amongst those many present were:

  • Angela Guymer
  • Coleen Rogers
  • Graham & Jenny Mead
  • Bob Wilson
  • Tom Lloyd
  • Gillian Reckitt
  • Michael & Erica Salt
  • John & Joan Lawe
  • Derek Bickford-Smith
  • the Norfolk Island year 2000 organiser
  • bus driver for memorable Norfolk Island
  • Norfolk, New Zealand
  • Norfolk, New Zealand
  • who manages everything on Norfolk Island
  • between Norfolk Island and England
  • Erica representing Jamaica
  • Norwich, Vermont (representing the USA)
  • Family founder and community visitor

and the Mayor & Mayoress of New Norfolk, Tony and Sandra Nichols, by whom we were royally welcomed.

Our Visit

The whole gathering was comfortable and companionable with Jacky on high alert and ever anxious that each of us was enjoying ourselves... visits, meals, meetings and receptions were Jacky's from the first conception to seeing her guests off in one piece. One great relief for Jacky was the fact that Graham took over the bus driving; one of his many valuable attributes.

Group dinners at differing restaurants, bar-b-qs, sandwiches; all in that generous New Norfolk style of family occasions; lots of chat and chuckles. The lodgings were all a "home" delight and centred on the All Saints and Sinners Hostelry where the majority stayed... there a variation of diets that were better in quantity and quality than such famous as The London Ritz.

Each day was an unique experience and never a slip in the organisation; Tours of Norske Skog, Cadburys, that impressive Shot Tower of Taroona, the views from Mt Nelson Signal Station, the walk in the wild (great cooking, Michael!) and the tea at the delightful Botanical Gardens where we bought a memorial tree to be husbanded and later planted out by Jacky... the church service... so much more.

Then there was the official reception at the Tasmania Parliament by Michael Polley, Speaker, and he certainly could speak. Every subject thrown at him - all in a homely, no nonsense style.

The great great occasion was that of the Esplanade fair... with tents, shows, catering, animals and people forever! Jacky with her marquee, her collection of 148 relatives of the descendants to be organised, and by no means least her own delightful "dairy maid" outfit which is she... the centre joy of the photograph... the uniforms, the cannon that blasted us,and its attendants, the trumpeted proclamation of the mayor (he also in uniform), the parade and the unending greetings of the host peoples with cards showing their English, quite often convict, connections.

The Mayoral and counsellor reception allowed each of us to introduce ourselves and receive memory gifts whilst the final supper... Carolyn's feast was a chance for some thanks to our hosts and our family "Mother", Jackie Whitehead... friends forever with a buried capsule for future reminder and our book in the library.

"A very personal report and lacking in so much enjoyed detail"!

This in New Norfolk , Tasmania ... the tree commemorating that most successful world gathering of 2008 organised by Jackie Whitehead and here guarded by Bob Wilson of Norfolk New Zealand on his subsequent visit to New Norfolk in 2012.

Visiting the tree was not the only attraction for Bob? ... friendship the world over!!! ... Derek