Family Gatherings

2012 New Zealand & Norfolk Island


Norfolk , New Zealand , gathering March 2012

Initiated and arranged by Jennie & Graham Mead

Summed up by Gillian’s letter of thanks(The "risky bits" taken out ):-

Dear Graham and Jennie.

The best thing was our great get together in Taranake. SO enjoyed our 1st night bbq (indoors like the UK - it was 17 degrees today and sun, sun, sun, and all the blossom is coming out!), some fun times with Bob (Wilson)(a big thank you to him please), an enjoyable concert and tea with the ladies AND our final evening dinner, which was delicious. Sorry Bob, you chose the wrong dish!

Thank you both so much for giving us a really great time - wouldn’t have missed it for the world. PLEASE do try to come to stay when you are over.

With love and thanks for being such wonderful hosts. Gillian

Pictures of the joyous event, such a shame that Margaret Ince was prevented from coming at the last moment:

From the left: Jennie Meads...the host from Norfolk NZ, Ann Signal from Norfolk Island, Judith Rake (kneeling) from Norfolk England, Jillian Reckett ex. Norfolk Island, Bob Wilson from Norfolk NZ, Jackie Whitehead from New Norfolk, Tasmania, Colleen Rogers from Norfolk Island now living in NZ, Betty White from Norfolk England now living in NZ.

The following photos were taken last night at the farewell of the "Norfolk / Norwich World Gathering" at a local Restaurant.

Far end table left Graham Mead...handsome, efficient and charming host with Jennie Mead, second to the right of him, giving that essential feminine glamour touch

It concludes a very full on last few days visiting the highlights of our part of the World.

Mount Taranaki was the highlight for most ....covered in early snow and standing without a cloud for the last three days. Another highlight was the districts Pukekura Park with lakes, fernery, green areas and trees. The coastal walkway was also mentioned. The photo above with the bridge and Mountain was taken from it.

Yet another enjoyable day was meeting with the local Women from the NZ Norfolk District...talking about their Norfolk / Norwich parts of the World.