Darwin the Cockatiel

Darwin came to us by reversed circumstances: he found his rescuer! A local resident was doing his gardening when a cockatiel flew onto his shoulder and refused to move!
The gentlemen, a little perturbed, called the R.S.P.C.A (A National Animal welfare Society) to seek their advice, they promptly gave him our number.
He rang us in despair, saying that he could neither get the bird off his shoulder, nor did he want to keep his non-invited and non-paying guest. He had never kept a bird before, and was unsure of it's needs and care. Following our advice he got Darwin (as his name was to be) into a box, nly the box turned out to be a little on the large side: 4ftx 3ftx 2ft! At the time he arrived there was a T.V. programme upon a dolphin called Darwin, so hence we decided a name for our new resident.
He turned out to be a "People" bird as he will sit on anybody's shoulder, and although you can not pick him up, he will allow you to stroke around his neck and head area. But if ignored he will give you a gentle nip on your fingers, and rub his head along your fingers, to give you a hint of what he desires!
Speaking of desires, Darwin has a strange taste of what he thinks are potential "partners". His favorite thing has to be the Dust Pan and Brush, which he protects, and never allows out of his sight! He lovingly displays to the Dust Pan and Brush as part of his daily ritual. Also, he is an expert of most household chores, as he is always on our shoulders when we are going about our daily tasks. His favourite is Cooking, where he feels it is his right to be the official taster of what ever dish comes out of hisKitchen!
A close second is to whistle down the telephone. He has even done an Early morning Interview with a Australian Radio programme, which went down very well, considering the ties that Cockatiels have with their country.
To Date of writing this January 1997, Darwin has been with us for 2 years, and with an estimated age of 3 years plus, he has got plenty of time to improve with age, like a vintage port. He may be a "humble" cockatiel, but they can make very loyal, funny, and loving pets.

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