Dear Georgie,
I first met you in March 1994, when you were left in the care of the rescue by your previous owners, who could not get to grips, with your many, and sudden personalitity swings. I know to you I was a "second class" citizen, and that you preferred my husband's affections, but what little time we had together, on a whole was a fun and memorable experience. You lived for life, and life liked you, you were a poser, a tease, particularly in front of your favorite audience, a camera lense. Your sense of humour was warped, you enjoyed scaring the poor photographer senseless, with your teasing closeness up to the camera lense, followed by a "dirty" cackle of laughter under your breath. You would not let us humans beat you at anything, you liked to chew! door frames, ceilings, papers, but no amout of "expert" advice would put a stop to it , if you wanted to chew, then "Georgie" would chew!
This is when I say sorry, for letting you go to the big aviary in the sky. Sorry for letting you suffer, from this terrible illness, and that as mere human beings, we could not provide any definite answers. Sorry for those terrible "Asthma" like attacks, which came on for no apparent reason which made you feel down. I always admired your "Soldier like" strength, and the way that you bounced back with vengence as if to make up for loss time. I'm sorry that your final battle caused you so much pain, and that we could not give any relief.
That is why we have started the "Georgie" project in memory of you, to try and find out the causes, cases, and treatment of avian respiratory ailments. We human beings, took you beautiful creatures from the wild, and placed you in our homes, where you have given us many times of pleasure. It is about time we took serious responsibilties, and looked into researching your health and life needs, to make your lives with us as long and happy as possible.
May I now bid you goodbye, and may you finally rest in peace,
With fond memories,
Julie, xxx
Georgie R.I.P. 31st May 1995

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