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Many of you will by now have been accustomed to receiving information about the many interesting and entertaining events to which the Renton Foundation has invited its supporters. Some of our longer standing friends may have attended the reception in Stilton in 1992, when the Prime Minister and our Patron, Mrs Norma Major, launched The Foundation to mark the special contribution made by Lord and the late Lady Renton to the lives of people with a learning disability or mental handicap.

Mrs Norma Major presenting a cheque
on behalf of the Renton Foundation to
Michael Mackey to sponsor the Gateway Festival.

Others may have been fortunate enough to be at the Players Theatre two years ago to join the celebrations at Lord Renton's surprise 85th birthday party. Or perhaps you have been able to attend one of the many private views, at the Mall and Sladmore Galleries or Christies, lunches at the Grosvenor House, or other events which have been the hall-mark of the Foundation's fund raising over the last two years.

Your support of all these events have enabled The Foundation to raise the money we need to help those with a learning disability to lead more active and fulfilling lives.

Thank goodness, nowadays most people with a learning difficulty can call upon society to help them meet their basic needs. But we all know that there is more to life than a roof over our heads and food in the larder. Our quality of life is often most directly affected by what we can put into, and gain from our leisure time.

And so it is for the learning disabled. Like all of us they learn and grow by taking part in sports, the performing arts and other leisure-time activities. Unfortunately, many cannot normally gain access to these leisure pursuits. Either centres discourage or are not equipped for them, or they lack the confidence to join in.

And this is where The Foundation comes in. We use the money raised from your donation and attendance at our events to give grants so that the many volunteers involved in Gateway Clubs throughout the country can enable people with a learning disability to make the most of their leisure time.

In the last eighteen months, The Foundation has made grants:

Two examples of the Foundation's work

Malcolm lane proudly displaying the silver and bronze medals he won at the 1995 special Olympics.

Jane Peverley playing the piano at the Gateway festival 1995 in the Royal Festival Hall.

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