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Objective 3

Unemployment and Social Exclusion
Objective 3 does not relate to a specific area but to identified groups of people who are lon term unemployed and/or particularly disadvantaged in some way. It also funds specific activites which, in the short or long term will help people GAIN JOBS. To see if your organisation is eligible, match the activities against the beneficiaries. If you find what youu do and who you do it for match - think about bidding.

Objective 3 only covers revenue funding, capital projects are ineligible.

Eligible Activities

1. Choices and Access
guidance and counselling
career/job planning
Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) towards NVQs

Basic training, retraining or tasters, including confidence building pre-vocational training, etc.
Higher level - usually through colleges.
Innovative - doing something in a new way
Transnational - having partners in another EU member state.

Direct Help Into Jobs
wage subsidies - check with DSS
work experience
recruitment and training
Think about these activities in the broadest terms and see if what you do fits any of the categories.

Elegible Beneficiaries

That's Euro-speak for the people who come on your courses, get counselled - your clients.

There are four pathways:

Pathways to Employment
for people aged 16+ and unemployed ? months or over

Pathways to a Good Start in Working Life
for unemployed young people (16 - 25)

Pathways to Integration
for people who are unemployed but also disadvantaged in the labour market in certain ways ie, People with disabilities; Ex-offenders; Lone Parents; Homeless; People who require basic skills training, ie, literacy and numeracy; People who need to learn English as a Second Language; People who live in inner cities and on peripheral housing estates; People who live in isolated rural areas; People who have or are likely to experience large scale redundancies

Pathways to Equal Opportunities
for people returning to the workforce after a significant break for caring responsibilities; People who wish to work in traditionally under-represented occupations, ie, male nursery nurses, female airline pilots also women into management.

These pathways are currently under discussion for the next round of bidding and may be changed: ie, ex-offenders becoming people completing a custodial sentence. A new priority has also been proposed - for building capacity (that is doing more things) in order to support and develop communities.