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Objective 5b

Rural Regeneration
Objective 5b in Suffolk and Norfolk has two overlapping strands: ESF for training individuals - not necesssarily unemployed people and job creation; and ERDF for infrastructure - normally capital projects. There are 8 measures which have been prioritiesd for assistance. The measures which voluntary sector organisations could pursue are:

Priority 5 - Measure C - Training Support for Business
This could include staff training for your own employees.

Priority 7 - Support for the Development of Human Resources
Measure A - Skill Training and Retraining (ESF)
Measure B - Vocational Guidance (ESF)
Measure C - Development of training delivery mechanisms (ERDF)
Measure D - Community Development (ERDF)

If you operate in your 5b area or any of the designated contiguous parishes and are undertaking work which falls under these headings AND you can demonstrate a benefit to the AREA, it may be worth applying. BUT no voluntary organisations have yet been successful in attracting 5b funding in East Anglia. You should certainly not consider bidding for less than 10,000 as the effort will not be repaid for smaller bids.

The voluntary sector in Suffolk is represented on the Objective 5b Monitoring Committee by Mark Ereira, Suffolk ACRE, his job is to encourage and champion voluntary sector bids.