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One of the main problems for users with the World Wide Web is its lack of structure. Countless hours can be wasted searching through documents which may or may not prove useful. The solution is to provide users with carefully structured web sites which are already linked to useful web sites and which put the links into context.

Norfolk Voluntary Net will provide a number of structured web documents, including the Funding Information Site and the Training Opportunities Database, where voluntary organisations will be guaranteed to find useful information. The number of sites will grow as the network develops and as the voluntary organisations themselves become more familiar with the technology.

Funding Information
Fund raising is a time consuming, complicated, bureaucratic and expensive process. Being aware of deadlines, understanding procedures, and learning from the experience of others, is crucial. Here the internet can be a very useful information tool. We will start with a document on European Union Funding.

European Union Funding
European funding is increasingly an important source of funding for many voluntary organisations. However, Eurospeak can seem obscure, the institutions and their functions are only vaguely understood. The web provides an opportunity to explain the various funding programmes, while providing information on latest initiatives. Many funding programmes require partnerships. The Euro funding web site will be a place where groups seeking funds can find each other - regionally, nationally or internationally. This site will be researched, written and regularly updated by the Guild.

A first draft of this site has been created as an example.

Training Opportunities Database
We will also put the TEC's 'Opportunities' database onto the web. The database provides information on training available in the Norfolk region. It is an extremely valuable source of information, not only to clients of voluntary organisations but to the voluntary organisations themselves. We may be able to add additional features to this database to extend its usefulness.

A third structured site which we will create will be listings of useful web sites world wide - with explanations to put them in context. These could vary from reviews of software packages to academic analyses of voluntary organisation activities.