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Support and Back up

The information provided by Norfolk Voluntary Net will need regular updating. As far as is possible, that updating should be undertaken by the information users themselves. They are best able to judge which information is useful to them and which is not.

However, updating by the users must be a long term goal. To begin with, many voluntary organisation workers will need careful encouragement and help before they will use the system at all.

A regular paper newsletter will be posted out to NVN members. It will provide graphic step-by-step explanations on how to use the web, email and ftp. It will update people on the information which is available on the system and answer frequently asked questions about use of the system. There will also be a telephone help line, at least once a week, and an email help facility.

The system will also need ongoing management. The documents will be regularly updated and managed to meet voluntary organisations changing requirements. The email newsgroups will be monitored and the email system will be administered.