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Making voluntary sector workers comfortable with internet technology is vital to the success of Norfolk Voluntary Net. Therefore, a key feature of this scheme is training. Norfolk Voluntary Net will provide two levels of training:

(a) Using the Internet Effectively Two-day basic introduction to the internet. Explaining the concepts behind the internet, how to send and receive email, searching the world wide web effectively, using ftp, and updating basic information on your website using an HTML editor. The courses assume that the users have little or no experience in using computers. The courses will be free to the voluntary sector.

(b) Training People to Use the Internet There are two aims behind this three-day course. First, to train people as internet trainers, so that they can return to their organisations and teach people how to Use the Internet Effectively. Secondly, trainees on the course will be provided with a basic introduction to HTML - the language behind the World Wide Web. By the end of the course they should be able to produce web documents (including graphics) and to create links between documents.