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Watton on the Web is a Christian Resource Centre, that aims to make available quality information for the wider Christian Community

Watton on the Web seeks to encourage other charities and Christian groups to embrace the Internet as a viable means of communication.

Watton on the Web is a non-denominational centre designed to give and receive information and is a non-profit making organisation that is part of River Ministries (Norfolk).

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prophecy and spiritual gifts

A Question of Ethics

River Ministries (Norfolk)

A place of Prophecy

The Worship Well

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Below is just some of the information that has been made available free. If you can help by providing a contribution please contact us as we are always interested in new material.

Social Concerns header
   Abuse statistics
   What every survivor needs to    know

   Drug information
   Street names for drugs

   A parents guide to bullying
   Releasing stress

Bible Studies

Having a high opinion of ourselves

Jude, the neglected letter

The Village Pastor's Simple Guide to the Distinguishing marks of the Holy Spirit

A village pastors simple guide to the Tabernacle

The Village Pastor's Simple Guide to the offerings of the Tabernacle

The Bible, the Created World and Modern Science
By Dr. Don Ainsworth

Some scientific and Christian perspectives concerning human birth and abortion.
By Dr. Don Ainsworth

Worship teaching
   Heart of Worship Series

   Spiritual Gifts in Worship Series

   Art of Worship Series

   A woman of Worship

   Index of Songs

spiritual gifts
   Word of wisdom
   Word of knowledge
   Discerning of spirits
   Working of miracles
   Gifts of healing
   Other tongues
   Interpretation of tongues

Bible studies for women
   Former things
   God's Love
   Going Deeper
   Heavenly Places
   Mary Magdalene
   A New Thing
   Tabernacle 2

Personal Growth

Releasing Forgiveness
By Roger Pawsey - "Everyone says that forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive" C.S.Lewis

Sound Doctrine - important for growing straight

Foundations to the Christian Faith - building on a right foundation

The best decision ever made - how to become a Christian

Together for God Projects
   Sponsor a Pastor -
   just £10 per month

   Church building Project

   Orphanage building and

   Schools links project

   Talitha Cumi -
   young women arise

Prophecy in practice
   The importance of sound doctrine

   Using the prophetic in church

   Helpful hints in getting started

   How does God speak

   The responsibilities of Prophecy

   The debate: meeting place or    market place

real life stories
Forgiven and set free to know and live in the love of God

A story of how Lithuanians found Christ in Norfolk, hundreds of miles from home.

Gods love touches a biker

Farmer after finding Jesus could do no more than give his life to him

A unique testimony where a man said "Graham God can help you, but don't mess about with God."

ethical questions
   Child Abuse
   Ecology and Animal Rights
   Law and Order
   Morality and the Clergy
   Pornography and the Media
   Psychology and    Psychotherapy
   Suicide - A Christian    Perspective

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