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Winnie Achieng is 6 years old and is one of 6 children. Her parents died of Aids last year. She seems very well cared for and is a sweet little girl. When she came in her hands and feet were full of 'Jiggers' - insects which burrow under the nails and lay eggs and cause a lot of pain. They are now all out and the skin has healed.

Barnard Oguk's parents and a small sister died of Aids and he was left with a brother of 16 and a sister of 15. When I visited, all they had to eat were bean leaves. Bernard was admitted to the unit and the others are assisted at home.
Barnard Oguk
Christine Adhiambo
Christine Adhiambo has been in the unit since July 1994. She had TB and was an Aids orphan, but is now a very healthy and mature little girl for her 9 years. She is very bright, speaks English very well and is an active member of the unit. Christine loves to help with everything

This is Zachariah Omukula. His mother keeps abandoning him and his father is a drunkard. Since he was 4 years old he has been left to fend for himself. He was admitted to the unit just before Christmas 1996. With regular food Zachariah has grown strong and big.
Zachariah Omukula
Danny Okath
Here is Danny Okath. Danny had not eaten for 4 days when he was admitted to the unit. Though he is 13 years old he is the size of an average 9/10 year old. Danny is a bright boy with strong leadership qualities.

Joel Omino was father and mother to his brothers and sisters at the age of 13. His mother finally died in 1993 after a long illness. All the family were admitted to the unit. Joel and his family are very bright and he did very well in his KCPE; we need extra sponsorship so that he can continue his education in High School.
Joel Omino
Mina Odeksia

Mina Odeksia is 5 years old. His mother is a widow and totally alone. She has no-one to assist her as all her husband's family have died and her family are unable to help because of extreme poverty. So we clothe, give lunch and educate Mina for her.

This is Nashion Opien and he is 11 years old. He was abandoned at a petrol station in Kisumu. One of the street children brought him to me; he was very small, ragged and had just been taken from the stepmother's home and dumped, obviously on purpose. All inquiries met with no response, except that he had been ill-treated by the stepmother and he was not wanted. He's a bright boy and is doing well in the unit.
Nashion Opien

Lucy AwuorHere is Lucy Awuor, age 9, opening a Christmas present from one of her UK sponsors. Lucy's mother, who was not married, died when she was born and the baby was thrown into a ditch and left to die. She was rescued and taken to a children's home by the mother's brother. When she was 7 the very people who had abandoned her wanted her back, but the Home refused to hand her over, because they realised that she was only wanted as a servant and that ultimately she would be sold (at about 14) for a few cows as a wife to and older man. Afraid that she would be stolen, they took her to Covenant House. She is such a happy child now and sings all the time. She is taking lessons at Nursery level as she has never been taught before.

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