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Nicholas Ochieng
This is Nicholas Ochieng. He is an orphan, his mother having died in 1990, and his father in 1993. An old uncle was trying to care for him and his brother, but there was no food and both he and his brother Danny are very small and malnourished, though bright. He should do well.

Nigel Delores ran to the street to get away from his drunkard father who beat and tortured him continually. He is small for his 14 years due to malnourishment. Nigel was admitted in January 1997 and is schooling in STD 7.
Nigel Delores
Patrick Onyango Patrick Onyango is an ex-street boy. His drunken father beat and burnt him. He was sent to live with an aunt but when she died, he ran to the street. He could not cope with studying but he speaks English quite well and helps a lot with practical work in the unit. Patrick has a great need to be noticed and loved.

Meet Sandy Charles Juma. He is 15 and has been in the unit on and off for 2 years. An ex-street boy, son of a single mother, Sandy lived with his grandparents and begged on the street for money to help them survive as well as himself. He is learning in the school within the home and is now more settled.
Sandy Charles Juma
Sara Atieno
Here is Sara Atieno. Her mother was still at school, and the baby was left on her own all day. She was brought in very sick and malnourished; her mother, who was single and pregnant again, asked if I could keep her as there was nothing she could do for the child, and signed her over to me through the court. Sara is an absolute delight.

Tony Opiyo is the 14 year old son of a single mother. He lived with his grandparents; when they died he came to Kisumu to find his mother, but the stepfather refused to help him and chased him away. His older brother was already in the unit so Tony was also admitted. He is in school in STD 5.
Tony Opiyo
Angeline Akinyi Angeline Akinyi is 14 and is the daughter of a single mother. The mother was cohabiting with a man who she thought she was married to; he was beating her and her children and she came and asked for protection for them. The man died of malaria 6 weeks later and both children are in the unit. Angeline is very bright and in STD 5 at school.

This lovely smile belongs to Collins Onyango. His mother is dead and his father is a drunkard. Collins nearly died of anaemia when he was 6 years old, was cared for by a pastor, then brought here in 1994. He is a very bright boy and is in A grade at school.
Collins Onyango

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