Sharons Poem

I'm in a tunnel, there is no light - do I turn left? Do I turn Right?
Who will listen to my plight?
Advice here, advice there, advice everywhere
Where do I turn? Where do I hide?
Can't take much more of this inside.
Who do I listen to? Who do I hear?
My mind is in a turmoil - is anyone there?
he cannot clap, he cannot wave - to name a few I am being brave.
They say he's slow - are they having a joke?
Slow babies don't just flap and poke
They say there's nothing wrong, I hear, but I don't see
Do they see the same as me
I have got time - I want to know now why my son is banging his brow
Do they know, do they care, what's really going on in there?
There's something more, I'm sure of that
The professionals say don't think like that
In time I'm sure that they will see that they cannot know more about my son than me
For I am his mother, and mothers know best
About their child with whom they have been blessed
With peoples' help we have seen the light
And I know we are going to fight for our son.